Alex + Garrett Wedding: Jan 6th 2018 – BLC Photo Blog

Talk about a great and down to earth couple!! Our engagement session felt more like 3 friends just walking around having a good time. All of us connected really well.

Starting the new year with these two and the bridal party was absolutely amazing. If all weddings for 2018 are like this, I’ll be a happy camper. And speaking of the bridal party, holy cow, talk about a great looking group! We may have all froze a little bit, but I’m hoping the hand warmers at least warmed them a little LOL.

Alex looked absolutely amazing. You can tell her excitement was building throughout the day. Garrett, dang he’s good people in my book LOL LOL. Just calm and cool. But I will say. I’ve never seen so much emotion come out of this man and the love he has for Alex. For me to be able to capture that was the highlight to my entire day.

Thank you, you two for be amazing and allowing me to be a part of your day! We love ya and we hope you two have an amazing life together!

Your Friend



Vendor List: Lead Photographer – Brian Coss with Brian L. Coss Photography

Digital Content Producer: Carlos Campos

Photographer’s Assistant: Hannah Shoaff

Videographer: Sean Nielson

Venue: The Pillars – Lori Cocagne

DJ: Neil Hohenstein

Hair & MakeUp – Lindsey Schaefer: Amenities on Main

Florist: Barb Trainor

Planner / Coordinator: Cindy Millburg

Cake By: Specialty Cakes




Brittany + Tyler Wedding: December 31st, 2017 – BLC Photo BLOG

So I’ve known Brittany and Tyler a little bit now. Super fun couple. Tyler I’ve shot a few times and it’s always good running into him again. I meant Brittany at a wedding I was shooting. Seeing them together, right away I knew they had something. The wedding day was absolutely amazing! Filled with all there friends and family. The bridal party was amazing too. The day couldn’t be more perfect LOL well….it could’ve been slightly warmer LOL. We won’t go into that. I’m sure that little detail everyone wants to forget LOL. Anyways I digress LOL.

Personal note, it was the perfect way to end an amazing year. Yes I was working, yes I was looking for ” the shot “. But for me it felt like I was celebrating with family and friends as well. Love you two!! Congratulations to you both!

Your Friend



Vendor List:

Lead Photographer: Brian Coss with Brian L. Coss Photography

Second Shooter: Aimee Novey

Planner / Coordinator: Michael Maggi

Florist: A. Hunt Design

Bridal Gown: Essence of Australia

Bridal Studio: Michelle’s Bridal and Tuxedo

Tux: Michelle’s Bridal and Tuxedo

Bridesmaids Dresses: Sorella Vita – Essense Desgins: Michelle’s Bridal and Tuxedo

Hair & Makeup: Kara McConkey & Bailey Bender

Event Design: I Do Events

DJ: Ryan Ideus


Shaw + Van Der Wal Wedding: December 16th 2017: BLC Photo BLOG

Demi and Rob are seriously the coolest people I’ve ever met. They are both sailors for the navy. Which that in it’s self is pretty cool. But there jobs. Um…yeah I can’t even begin to explain what they do. It’s pretty damn cool to say the least. So I actually met Demi and her sister’s ( Lauren ) wedding. Which I also shot by the way. Side note, check out her sisters’s blog. They are incredible as well. Anyways, I knew Demi was pretty special and I just couldn’t wait to shoot the engagement session. When all 3 of us got together later in the year. Instant magic. Seriously one of the best engagements. I still use it to show other couples it’s that awesome. Rob… I like that dude LOL LOL. Funny and down to earth. I caught myself chatting more with him then taking pictures LOL. Which any of my couples will know LOL I do that a lot. Just love being real and just have great conversation with every couple. They braved the cold for me on the big day. Couldn’t ask for a better more sweet couple. 100% Love from me to you two. Congratulations to you both. Can’t wait to see the baby too btw. Your guy’s life is just beginning. So honored to capture a chapter of it for you!

Sincerely Your Friend

Brian C.


Vendor List:

Lead Photographer: Brian Coss with Brian L. Coss Photography –

Second Shooter: Taylor Bean

Venue: Erin’s Pavilion

Wedding Coordinator: Wendy Hillyer

Hair: Gatsby Hair Boutique

Florist: DK Boutique Flowers & Gifts

Videographer: Complete Wedding & Events

DJ: Radio Pro DJ

Cake By: Speciality Cakes


Vocks + Shride Wedding: October 21st, 2017 – BLC Photo BLOG

When shooting the engagement session of these two, I knew right away the chemistry was amazing. Giggly, bubbly, affectionate are just a few ways to describe these two. Seeing the love for one another got me really excited for the wedding. So much emotion it was incredible. The day was beautiful, they are beautiful. Everything about these two, the day, the venue was perfect. Maggie and Tyler, I absolutely adore you two. You two are amazing and we love ya. Thank You so much for allowing myself and team to be a part of your day.

Your Friend




Vendor List:

Lead Photographer: Brian Coss with Brian L. Coss Photography –

Second Shooter: Rebecca Lacy

Venue: The Pillars Event Center

Florist: A Classic Bouquet

Bridal Gown: Candice’s Bridal

Suits: Vera Wang

Hair: The Upper Cut Salon

MakeUp: Rosie Garcia

DJ: Audio Dimensions

Cake: Helen Baker



Stitt + Pierce Wedding: October 15th 2017 – BLC Photo BLOG

This wedding was picture perfect on Soooo many levels. Everything was just spot on. The details for this wedding was absolutely amazing. Jessica, so sweet and funny. She was kinda stressing about Ryan being a little on the late side LOL LOL made me laugh. But it all worked out. Ryan is an awesome dude too LOL. All three of us, well….the bridal party and everyone involved, we all just clicked so well. All great people in my book. Jessica was such a beautiful bride, just breathtaking!! So happy for you two. Oh and before I forget, these two are thoughtful!! So they knew I had a long weekend behind me and a long drive home. They wanted me to call them just to make sure I was ok. I may have fell asleep as soon as I got home. But that morning I sent them a text. Really just love these two. They are seriously some of the best people out there that I know.

Your Friend




Vendor List:

Lead Photographer: Brian Coss with Brian L. Coss Photography –

Food: J & J Catering

Florist: Anker Florist

Bridal Gown: Elite Bridal

Suits: Men’s Wearhouse

Hair: Davids Hass

Venue: Hidden Hollow Farm ( Awesome Place BTW )

Cake: The Cake Artist Studio



Ferguson + Bender Wedding: October 14, 2017 – BLC Photo BLOG

So I’ve been excited for this wedding all year. Well…I’m excited about all my weddings LOL, just ask my brides LOL. IDK though, maybe with it being in Galena, the fall season, etc I was super pumped. And yes then came that nasty four letter word and No it’s not snow LOL it was rain. But let me tell you something about Ryan and Emily ( myself included in the mix ) The rain didn’t slow anyone down, smiles throughout the entire day. I may have slipped and fell covering my whole half of my body in mud and water ( Story was on Instagram: blcphoto15 ) But seriously though, Ryan and Emily are two great people. Super nice, warm, funny, really I can go on and on. Even with the rain, the day was magical because they made it that way. Such a privilege to be able to document that for them. Congratulations you two, love you guys. We wish you the very best

Your Friend




Vendor List:

Lead Photographer: Brian Coss with Brian L. Coss Photography –

Second Shooter / Digital Content Producer: Carlos Campos

Wedding Coordinator: Joan Dillon

Florist: Stockton Floral & Gifts – Molly McGovern – Mensendike

Bridal Gown: Pronovia’s Anabel / Frew’s Bridal

Men’s Suits: Men’s Wearhouse

Hair: Studio One Green Spa & Salon

DJ: Power Play Entertainment

Cake: Carolyn Dregne



Satterfield + Bower Wedding: October 7th 2017 – BLC Photo BLOG

These two!! LOL. They are the smartest and the quirkest couple I’ve ever encountered. And that’s a GREAT thing LOL. I swear I learned so much from these two. Seriously though…one of the best and sweetest couples. We kicked off with an engagement session and right away we all connected. One of my favorite little moments was when Michael and I are still in the Jeep waiting for Katy and the reveal. We’re talking about food and in particular cheeseburgers. He tells me about this great place. Well long story short, I actually came across this place, recalled the conversation in my head, had a cheeseburger, and it was AMAZING. Now this may not mean anything to anyone. The point I’m trying to make is. Having personal conversations and connecting is what it’s all about. I hope I bring value to these two in their lives as they have brought value to mine. So honored you two to be a part of your day and to be able to document it for you. Congratulations, we love you and and wish you both the very best in life.

Sincerely Your Friend






Vendor List:

Lead Photographer: Brian Coss with Brian L. Coss Photography – Instagram: blcphoto15 FaceBook: BrianL.CossPhotography

Dress: Elite Bridal

Bridesmaids Dresses: Ducky’s Formal Wear

DJ: Elite Entertainment

Cake By: Russ Anne Weber

Hair: Cerise Satterfield