Yesica + Austin Wedding: June 24th – BLC Photography Blog

Oh these two!!! LOL LOL. It really is something special being so young and in love. Being bold at this point in life and getting married. I really tip my hat off to these two. They kinda make me feel old LOL and I’m not old by any means. Yesica’s family came from all different parts of the world. It was so awesome seeing and experiencing the different cultural. No matter where you are at in this world or where you come from, one thing is common among all of us, Love. Watching both families witnessing these two coming together was really an honor.

So happy for you two, congratulations to you both!!

Vendor List:

Exclusive Photographer: Brian Coss with Brian L. Coss photography

Second Shooter: Taylor Bean

Videographer: Zoe Kraft

Flowers: Fancy Florals

Bridal Gown: Country Lace Bridal

Suits: Vera Wang

Hair By: TM Hair

MakeUp: Merel Norman

DJ: Tim Barnes



Leslie + Ben Bergeson Wedding: June 17th 2017 – BLC Photography Blog

Being excited for these two was an understatement. Our engagement session is one for the books! We went to a beautiful park just chatting about all sorts of stuff. Ben likes shoes, like…..REALLY likes shoes. So do I!! Along with my bags, watch, knife, leather, and canvas obsession LOL. I really like shoes too LOL. Anyways we literally slid down a ravine to get to the river for this one shot. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it when clients trust me and my creative vision. To this day, it’s still one of my favorite and most liked shots.

The wedding day was beautiful. The Joliet country club was a perfect location for these two. Everything was laid out perfect. Ben was looking all GQ and Leslie was as elegant as one can be.

Thank You you two for allowing me and my team to be a part of your beautiful day. Such an honor to be able to capture you two’s history.

Vendor List:

Lead Photographer: Brian Coss – Brian L. Coss Photography   Brian L. Coss Photography – TheKnot

Second Shooter: Holly Birch Smith

Venue: Joliet Country Club

Bridal Gown: Bridal Elegance

Suit: Men’s Warehouse

Hair: Underground Hair & Nails

MakeUp: Mary Kay with Tiffany Wills

DJ: 28 Days

Cake By: Pastry Palace Chicago



Harshbarger + Bolen Wedding: June 3rd 2017 – BLC Photo Blog

So I don’t know if there is such a thing as a perfect wedding. Well…. this one was pretty darn close if not, pretty much perfect. WOW talk about awesome. During our engagement session, Jenna and Spencer were awesome. They love the camera so much. Jenna is like my little crossfit model. She would pose and do all sorts of stuff. Spencer and I would geek out over man stuff, cars, wallets, etc. It was fun. After that session though I knew this wedding was going to be ridiculous. Some photographers get all nervous and can’t sleep the night before. Shoot…not me, like I can’t sleep but it’s because I’m pumped. I mean who wouldn’t be excited to shoot two beautiful people at a beautiful venue on a beautiful day surrounded by beautiful people. Did I mention everything was beautiful LOL. Seriously though I love you guys!! You two are the best. It’s a shame ya’ll moved to a different state. But hopefully we can all get together again soon! Congratulations Jenna and Spencer!! I wish you two nothing but the best in life!

Very Best




Vendor List:

Lead Photographer: Brian Coss – Brian L. Coss Photography

Second Shooter: Taylor Bean

Hair & MakeUp: Timothy John Salon & Spa

Dress By:

Bridesmaid Dresses by: Michelle’s Bridal and Tuxedo

Tux By: Men’s Wearhouse

Venue: Hudson Farm

DJ:Kris Ehler

Cake By: Pies by Inge



Rosenthal + Stephens Wedding: BLC Photo Blog – May 20th 2017

I had Lindsay and Justin for an engagement session last fall. It was amazing to say the least. Overall just a great couple. Lindsay drives a Jeep so already she’s good people in my book. LOL LOL. Justin’s job is Sooo fascinating to me. He’s a miner, so I ask a ton of questions that end up scaring me more than anything. I was pretty much done when he said he see’s tree roots when he looks up. Um…Nope I’ll stick with photography LOL LOL.

They are also the sweetest couple. To show their appreciation, they bought me a coffee cup. BUT.. it looks like a Nikon lens. I LOVE IT!! I pretty much drink out of it everyday and mistake it for one of my lenses too. LOL.

The wedding day had me a little nervous. It was raining, like REALLY raining. And to boot it was an outside wedding. I hope I’m not cursed and all my wedding are rain weddings. UGH not ideal for sure. BUT it stopped and the day was gorgeous!! Lindsay and Justin along with the wedding party had me laughing the entire time. Literally my cheeks were hurting. Great wedding party too. Oh my gosh, they were so kind and fun to talk with. I sincerely hope to maybe be able to shoot some of them here soon. Great people all around.

It’s alway kinda sad when the wedding is over. The relationship I’ve built with these two is special and I hate to see it end. Hopefully some kiddo’s will keep me coming back LOL LOL LOL.

Love you guys!!! Congratulations to both of you and wish you two the very best in life.

Photographer: Brian L. Coss – Brian L. Coss Photography –

Makeup: Little Luxuries

Hair: Kompliments Hair Salon

Cake: Cake It On

Florist: Nokomis Gift and Garden

Dresses: David’s Bridal

Tux: Savvi Formalwear

DJ: Audio Dimensions




Emeley + Brad Engagement Session Part 2: BLC Photo Blog

So this is part 2 of this engagement if any of you are following me and/or this couple. I LOVE breaking up engagement sessions!! Aside from shooting them twice…which btw is fun and awesome. But I get to see them again, share in there excitement, and just listen to how much they are in love with one another. This wedding is going to be amazing to say the least. I’m just counting down the days for there big day.

So Brad is a motorcycle guy. So when I found out about this, I had to include it in the session somehow. Now granted during the snow engagement, the motorcycle shot wouldn’t be ideal. So…sunset on an airplane strip during the spring LOL. Cause like…that’s normal right? LOL. So secretly I’ve been wanting a motorcycle for YEARS well….that and a DeLorean Time Machine that’s screen accurate. Don’t judge me LOL you think it’s cool too. Anyways I was asking Brad all sorts of things about his bike. It was pretty awesome!!

Emeley loves to tease me with images and details about her wedding. I have a whole list of ideas that get me more excited LOL.

Great people through and through. Congratulations you two…again LOL. Can’t wait to share in your day in August. Let’s cross our fingers it’s not a billion degrees outside LOL.


Alex + Garret Engagement Session: BLC Photo Blog

These two crack me up. I think that’s the perfect way to start this blog. They both had me laughing. Really… a lot of fun. Usually as a rule of thumb the groom is just half way thrilled about getting there picture taken. Garret on the other hand…LOL was posing for me.

Alex is just gorgeous. I was talking to her about her makeup. I think I might have impressed her with my makeup knowledge.

Overall though we had a great time. Just so easy to talk to. We chatted about there chilly but awesome wedding day in January. Super pumped for that. BTW you two, probably going to dress warm for that shoot. Talked about beer and frog gigging. Really my kind of people

So excited and honor to share in your day. Congratulations to you both!!

Very Best,

Brian C & Family




Emily + Ryan Engagement Session: BLC Photo Blog

Cutest couple ever! Ok…I’m done LOL 🙂 Seriously though, these two were awesome. So I’ve never been to Galena. I’ve always heard it was nice. Known a lot of people who have went. But never been there myself…well..until now. Wow, talk about an amazing place.

When I went scouting around, heck every place up there is amazing and would work for a session. I think I did pretty good 🙂

There wedding is going to be amazing. Fall season, outdoors, what more can you ask for.

Really though great couple. I just get excited just thinking about them and there special day. LOL I do want to add. I hope I convinced Ryan to switch over to real denim. He took a trip to Japan. And I was telling him all about Raw Denim and how Japan is the leader in that. Next time I see him, we’ll see what happens LOL.

Congratulations you two!! Can’t wait for October!! 🙂